<aside> 🍄 We're thrilled to introduce a new interactive project based on CKB's recently developed NFT Protocol, known as Spore.



The HaCKBee community activity—Spore Card Collection—spanned nine days, guiding members to understand Spore's features step by step. Participants explored Spore's functions and familiarized themselves with its code. We've compiled all cards for easy community access.

We warmly welcome community members to not only understand Spore but also try its various functions and share more ideas. Looking forward to engaging with you in the HaCKBee channel as you explore Spore.

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Nine Cards

<aside> 🍄 Stage 1 Understand the prominent features of Spore



NO. 1 Backed by Tokenomics

<aside> 1️⃣ When you mint the spore, some CKBytes are locked during creation. The value of your Spore increases as more Spores are created. Besides, you can redeem these locked CKBytes anytime by destroying the spore.



NO.2 Zero Transfer Fee

<aside> 2️⃣ When you get a Spore from your friend as a gift, any future transaction fee has been included in there. Feel free to pass that Spore to others or cash in the CKBytes locked inside, without adding more CKBytes for transfer.



NO.3 On-chain Flexibility

<aside> 3️⃣ Spore Protocol offers you the flexibility to turn any content such as image, video, music, code, etc. into a valuable asset fully stored on the blockchain. You as a spore holder holds complete on-chain ownership with real security and control.


<aside> 🍄 Stage 2 Easily get Spore/ Cluster with UI



NO.4 Create a Spore

<aside> 4️⃣ Let’s create a Spore and Spore Cluster as your first step.😉

Give it a try👇 https://a-simple-demo.spore.pro/



NO.5 Transfer a Spore

<aside> 5️⃣ Try to send your Spore to your friends with spore demo.🚀

Give it a try👇 https://a-simple-demo.spore.pro/



NO.6 Destroy a Spore

<aside> 6️⃣ Destroy the Spore to redeem the CKBytes locked in it.💰

Give it a try👇 https://a-simple-demo.spore.pro/


<aside> 🍄 Stage 3 Directly interaction with Blockchain/ Code



NO.7 Say “Hello World”

<aside> 🍄 Start your developing journey from the hello world task with the Spore SDK.

During the task,

  1. Try your first example of Spore in the local environment
  2. Install dependencies
  3. Mint a Spore </aside>


NO.8 Sandbox Version

<aside> 🍄 It's time to understand how Spore Protocol works with instant dev environment.

During the task,

  1. Try the 1st example online
  2. Read the code in your browser
  3. Learn how to edit the private key



NO.9 Start From Scratch

<aside> 🍄 Building the Spore Protocol with your own hand! It’s time to start to create a Spore from scratch!

During this task,

  1. Learn how to set up the project
  2. Craft the Spore
  3. Send your first Spore to the CKB blockchain </aside>

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